Vote For A Candidate That Cares, Vote Vader!

Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan was recently photographed helping out in a soup kitchen. He can be seen in the photos putting in some elbow grease and cleaning pots and pans… of course elbow grease is the only grease involved. The pots and pans were actually clean. As a matter of fact, the soup kitchen wasn’t even serving that day. So, the question is, do you want to vote for a candidate that goes above and beyond to create a staged photo-op or do you want to vote for a candidate that is willing to get his hands dirty and show that he truly cares by going above and beyond to provide a truly special meal for the needy?

Lord Vader was recently at a kitchen feeding the poor, too. The difference is, he was actually feeding people. But he didn’t stop there, he also hunted down the meal, killed it, cooked it, and then fed it to those in need. Originally, this wasn’t even supposed to make the papers, as Vader is not the megalomaniac that Romney and Ryan are, but we convinced him that America needs to see that there is, indeed, a candidate out there that really does care. Below you can see a photo of Ryan faking his compassion and then compare it to a photo of Vader, selflessly, feeding the poor a very special meal.

Elbow grease was the only grease involved with these pots and pans!

Vader, serving a very special meal to those in need.


When voting for your next dictator president, America, remember, the Dark Side cares! Vote Vader!


About imperialtimez

Hard working journalist working for the Empire to bring news to the galaxy. Sure we work & live on the Dark Side, but we are completely unbiased in our reporting. Anyone who says different is lying through their rebel scum teeth!
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